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Top 3 Best Android App For Rooting Any Android Device Have 5.0 or Higher OS.

So you own android device having 5.0 or higher android OS and want to root that device and you don,t have PC than you land at the right page. Today in this article i will show the top 3 Android app with the help of which you can root your android device without the use of computer. All the apps need no knowledge of coding. It is very easy a child can also do it if read the instruction that i am giving . I used and tested All the three apps by my own Q mobile device and i successfully root my device.
Before rooting your android device let me tell you what is root? ,the advantages of root, disadvantages of root,and important things to do before rooting your android.

What is root?

All newbie and young smart phone user thing that rooting their android phone will hack wifi and other thing will that's not true. Rooting is a way to gain a limitless and administrative control of your android device.with the help of root you can gain full access to your android device and can change and edit system files Rom's flash screen and many more. There are many method to get your android device rooted but today here i will show you top 3 best of them to root your android.

Advantages of rooting Smartphones.

If you are curious about advantages of root than do read the below list.

  1. You can install Custom Rom's on any android device.
  2. You can delete the preinstalled apps from your android device.
  3. You can block ads on all of your apps.
  4. You can install incompatible apps.
  5. You can increase your battery life.
  6. You can speed up your android.
  7. You can backup full data.
  8. You can show saved wifi password.
  9. You can access root files.
  10. And many more tweaking.

Disadvantages of Rooting smartphones.

There is general rule nothing is perfect.
And so are the rooting . There are some risk and disadvantages of rooting your android.
Below are disadvantage of rooting your android device.
  • Your android device may be brick.
  • Rooting will void your warranty.
  • Your android will stop receiving updates.
  • CPU over clocking.
  • If some thing you edit or change you don,t uderstand will make big trouble for you.

Things to do before rooting.

First charge your android at least 80% 
Then Backup all of your data like contacts , photos, music and many more.
Enable unknown source app install.
And download and install the root apps at the phone memory.

How to root Any android device 2018.

After reading the above paragraph you will have enough knowledge about rooting android device. I list all the pros and cons of rooting android. If you want to root your android after Reading the above then continuously reading the article and if you don,t want to root then read some thing else .in case you have any problem at any step than kindly comet in the box below. I will try my best to answer your problem . The apps that i am going to use are given below.

  1. Universal AndRoot
  2. Towel Root
  3. Iroot

Universal Androot

Universal Androot is an android app with the help of which you can root your android device without computer. More and more smartphone user are root there android device using universal androot.this is one click android root method and you can easily root your android if your device is in the below list then follow the procedure given below.

How To Root Any Android Device With Universal Androot

1.First of all download Universal Androot from their official site.
2.If you download the apk file in a computer then send it to your android through USB data cable and if you download it in your android phone then just follow the step 3.
3.Enabled the “unknown sources” option using the following path. Setting=>security=>Unknown sources and check the empty box.
4. Now go to the path where the apk file is and click on it and then install it.
5. When the app is installed just launched it and follow the the instruction with given in the app.

6.After launching the app the first step is to select the version from superuser 2.0 – 2.2 and 1.5 – 1.6 as per your android version.
7.Now the final step is that just tap on root and your device will be successfully root. If not then your device is not supported by Universal Androot.  
In case your device is not in the compatible list. Comment below so that i told you which app will root Your android with out PC.

List of compatible devices rooted by Universal Androot

    Google Nexus One
    Google G1
    myTouch 3G 3.5mm/LE
    HTC Tattoo
    Dell Streak
    Motorola Milestone
    Motorola XT701
    Motorola XT800
    Motorola ME511
    Motorola Charm
    Motorola Droid (2.01/2.1/2.2 with FRG01B)
    Sony Ericsson X10
    Sony Ericsson X10 Mini
    Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro
    Acer Liquid
    Acer beTouch E400
    Samsung Galaxy Beam
    Samsung galaxy 5 (gt-i5500)6
    Vibo A688
    Lenovo Lephone
    LG Ally
    LG GT540

iRoot .

Iroot is the second android app which will root your android app with out PC but this app is for mostly huawei and Qmobile which is very hard to root. But if you are Qmobile user and wanna root your device then you are lucky with the help of this you can Easily root your smartphone..

How To root Any android device with iRoot

Download iroot from there official Website
Find the path of download and install it on the device you want to Root.
After installimg it will automatically detect your device info like model.
After this open it and click root now written in chinese launguage . Appeared as a Green Button.
Wait for few moment and your device will be rooted.
If your device is successfully root it will show on screen Device rooted.
And Super user app will be shown on Screen.

List of compatible devices:

    QMobile Noir A1
    QMobile Bolt A4
    QMobile A2 C
    QMobile Noir A8
    QMobile Noir A2
    QMobile Noir A650
    QMobile Noir Quatro Z8
    QMobile Noir V5
    QMobile Noir A200
    QMobile QTab Q100 Tablet
    QMobile X50Tablet
    Samsung G3139
    Samsung Galaxy S5
    Samsung Galaxy J7
    Samsung G900I
    amsung C105
    Sony Xperia E4 Dual(E2115)
    Sony Xperia Z3+ Dual(E6533)
    Sony Xperia Z4
    Sony Xperia C3
    HTC Desire D316d
    HTC One M9+
    HTC desire 820us
    Huawei M2
    Huawei Honor4A
    Huawei P8 Max


Many user Used towelroot to root their Verizon s5 nexus 5 and mostly htc smartphone with the help of towel root it is introduced by geohot . And can root almost any smartphones and i my selft test it with my Htc Smartphone. And i recommend it because of the trusted app. Many other app will do same but some of them also Install malware on your device and other harmful thing.

How to root Your Android Device with TowelRoot.

1 first thing is first download The apk file from the official page
2 install it on the device you wish to root with out PC.
3 open the app after installing.
4 click "Make it Ra1n" button to start rooting process.
5 after few moment your device will root. 
6 if not then Try other apps.
7 leave comment In case it not work for you with your device model and brand.


After reading this article you will able to root almost any Android Device With the help of the above apps.

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