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20 Blogging Lessons I’ve Learned in Past 10 Years [2008-19]

What is the first impression of a blogger? I think blogger is more than a content writer, digital marketer or a promoter. Overall, I like helping others, and it is the reason why I choose and stick with BLOGGING. Moreover, blogging gives me a hand to generate traffic and ultimately revenue for publishing the content online. The blogging looks easy, but in fact, it requires so much hard work by means a bit more than just content creation & marketing. Learned Blogging Lessons
Newbies used to search for what is blog, blogging, bloggers? How can I learn to blog for free? How to start a blog? How do I get started blogging? What I wish I knew before starting a blog? How to be a blogger? What is a professional blogger? And so on...

After completing my education I left the college, from that day onwards I wouldn't have to learn anymore; since the learning was a boring task for me. At that moment my intention was to do a job & earn money. But later the learning process doesn't seem to stop following me.

When I started writing a blog, I realized that learning is a never-ending process & till now I have learned a lot from writing a blog. So here I am going to mention a few of those to share the blogging lessons & experience with you. Till now I have seen lots of blogging tips but here today I'm going to provide the blogging lessons that might help you in your blogging journey. Read more »

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