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ALERT!!! Switch Your Google+ To Blogger Profile | Google+ Shutting down on April 2019

We all know millions & millions of people are influenced by social media and its influence is increasing every single day. Not just normal people have the impact of social media on their daily life, specific kind of people are also affected like Blogger or content writer etc. No doubt, Google+ is one of the best social media which is being used by millions of normal as well as blogger people. But unfortunately, I received a message from Google which talks about the closure of Google+ from April 2019 onwards. So, here in this post, I'll show you (especially Bloggers) guys the steps to be followed for switching from Google+ profile to Blogger profile. Switch from Google+ to Blogger Profile
People used to search; What is blogger user profile? Compare blogger profile vs Google+ profile? What is the use of Google+ profile on blogger? How do I share a blog post on Google Plus? How do I edit my profile on Blogger? Why Google+ API shouting down? What is Blogger profile? What is Google Blogger used for? Why did Google shutting down Google plus? What is the blogger used for? How does Google Blogger work? What is a limited Blogger profile? And so on...

As you seen in 15 Major Advantages & Disadvantages of Facebook the Social networking sites in our daily life play a key role, and they do have a huge impact on our lives. Social media is nothing but an electronic platform or medium through that, people can connect with their buddies from any location. There are social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and many others. Read more »

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