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How to Compose Direct Mail from Address Bar | Gmail Optimization

May I ask you something, how many daily emails do you write? Lots of? Want to know how to compose mail really fast? Whenever you decide to mail someone you need 3 steps; first Open mailing site then waits to load your inbox and click on compose button. But there is a much better way which skips these steps and directly goes to the composing step. Last time you have seen; how to quickly unsubscribe from all spam emails but today we are going to see how to quickly compose emails in browser. Compose direct mail from address bar
How do I send emails with Gmail? Any URL to compose a message in Gmail fast? Quick link with full Gmail interface and specified to, bcc, subject? How to compose new emails straight from chrome's address baar? Quick url to compose a message in gmail? How to configure gmail protocol handler? And so on... If you looking for, how to hack Google chrome to compose an email directly from the address bar or searching how you can compose new emails straight from Chrome's address bar then you arrived at the right page.

Despite all the email clients, you are working with, when you want to compose an email, every time you required to open your email client & click the "Compose" button. Here we have presented a quick and easy way to compose a new email directly from your address bar of the browser.

The Google Chrome browser is one of the best and a favorite browser with lots of innovation in chrome addon especially for the Chrome users & with the Gmail accounts, opening and sending emails becomes a very easy process. Here, you just need to type your shortcut into the address bar shown below and for sending, you need to click on send, that's all. Learn how to quickly compose a new email message directly from the address bar. Read more »

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