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Install Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) API For A Website/Blogger With Adsense Ads | Google Developers (Ajax)

Programmatically Ajax based custom search API create & helps the visitors to handle all the queries searched on your website. It shows quick search result on the same page with the help of linked Ajax CDN Jquery(JavaScript). When you search any content on ProBlogBooster, the result is immediately displayed on the same page without any change of other content in a few seconds since it is completely integrated with the Google API loader. Adding Google Custom Search API (JSON/Atom) to Your Website
Web expert used to search for how to integrate Google custom search engine into the website? How to add Google Custom Search API to Blogger/Blogspot blog? How to get a Google site search box? How do I use Google Custom Search? The website for custom google search bar? Is there any google custom search javascript example to know? How to add google search script in HTML body? How to design stylish search box in html? And so on...

You must use a Google custom search API box on your website or blog especially if the blog navigation is not easy for the reader to get particular pages as your website has lots of posts. You must make your website easy to navigate.

The conventional default blogger search widget is not that much able to fetch and show the results plus its very slow to load. So for making your search results more powerful and effective for your readers, the Google custom search engine widget is the best option to use and deliver the relative content results matching exactly to the search queries. Not only you can customize the look according to your web design, but you can also monetize the search engine results with Google adsense ads to make extra money.

This Ajax based Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) API tool is much better than Python or PHP Google search engine API code. It is a fully customized real-time search engine that not only integrates with your HTML but also your website design. Bloggers requested it along with detailed information to integrate this Google search tool on site. They were asking: How to Create an API Key for Google custom search? Any quick way for adding Google Custom Search to your website? And how to fetch Google search results with the site search API? Learn how to install light-weight, fast loading, real-time Google custom search widget for your blog or website. Read more »

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