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Use DC Dublin Core Metadata Elements [Meta Tags] To Boost SEO

For any website, the SEO meta description & meta keywords is one of the most important factors to get higher rankings in search results. Dublin Core is equivalent as that of HTML Meta elements i.e. Metadata/Meta tags used for SEO description; however, it provides a standards-based approximation to search engine optimization, which goes with your HTML meta-data. Using Dublin Core Metadata for SEO
SEO optimizers used to search what is DC meta tags? Or qualified Dublin core metadata? Where to get dublin core generator for website? Does dublin core helps seo? How to write dublin core tags for blog? Any sample dublin core metadata to define? And so on...

You have now familiar with All Open Graph Tags in Blogger/WordPress Websites similarly, just like to define metadata for SEO purposes, the Dublin Core elements are the combination of meta tag elements that goes with all in your HTML body and preferably used to provide the important site content like description, keywords by which the search engines or other resources can be used it to index site content.

Currently, the Dublin Core is typically used in libraries, academies, and bigger paper presentations areas such as research purpose, papers, law, or you may say court work. It may help you get .gov backlinks for your website. But the dublin core metadata usually used as an SEO site description to boost your organic search results.

It's very simple to add this Dublin Core HTML metadata elements, especially inserted to the HTML header. These DC Meta tags are mostly placed above <head> tag. This article explains to you how to insert DC Dublin Core meta tags [metadata] in XML of your website or blog. You may use this in any HTML template as well. Learn something new Dublin Core tutorial about SEO and meta tags that will pass through Google search algorithm. Read more »

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