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5 Ways How Wearable Technology Will Improve Your Daily Life | Tech Trends 2019

These are exciting & moving times. The technology has made new breakthroughs & tech trends, and we're fortunate to witness things that almost seemed impossible a couple of few years ago. Some time back, your children would rely entirely on their coaching staff to monitor their progress and fitness. Wearable technology can change lives
People used to search; what is wearable technology? How wearable tech trends changing your life? How innovative wearable technology has improved your lives? What types of wearables making a better life? How are these wearable tech devices influencing our personal & professional life? How the future of wearable technology used to improve workplace productivity? How applications of wearable technology trend is transforming our digital life? And so on...

Sports training is getting smarter with wearable devices — Back in the day, injuries were a lot scarier than they are today. Concussions and broken bones have never been alien to professional athletes, but with technology now it's possible to measure the impact and analyze the condition of an athlete at a minimal cost and prevent major injuries.

Even the daily progress of our physical performance can be monitored using fitness trackers. Isn't it amazing that these tiny gadgets can monitor a range of other metrics like our heart rate, calories burnt, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, hydration, and the number of strokes made in the pool? There is a giant list of smart wearables in the making, so what we're seeing is just the beginning. This wearable technology Infographic shows how smart devices are benefiting the insurance industry. Read more »

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