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Get Google Sitelinks Search Box [Structured Data] in Website or Blogger | Blogging Tips

Have you noticed a slightly new look for certain search results in SERP, it's because of Google announced a new schema markup type for all the visitors that those can be able to search on site within the search results itself. It will make it easier for site visitors to visit the direct specific content on your site with the help of this "sitelinks search box". Adding sitelinks search box schema for site/blog shown in Google search pages
Website owners used to search how do I get a search box to appear in my site's search results? What is the markup to get a search box shown alongside the site listing in Google search results? How to rank higher in Google search results? How Google to display a search box for your site search results? Any sitelinks search box WordPress code? And so on...

Google has already announced a sitelinks search box. And that is why most of the blogger, WordPress users, website developers are looking for how to display the search box in sitelinks of Google search results.

With lots of benefits are there in terms of SEO that making Google's job very easy in collecting site data to increase traffic. Many of you tried to add Google's sitelink box but still, the required google sitelinks search box not showing in their SERP. Here we are going to see how to implement Google's Sitelinks Search Box in Blogger or any website by using markup.

Here is a step-by-step guide to enable or get the sitelinks search box in SERP. It's one of the advanced blogging tips help you learn how to show Google's sitelinks search box for your any website or blogger blog and increase Google web traffic.
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