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Add All Open Graph Tags in Blogger/WordPress Websites | Best Practices To Boost Social Sharing

An "Open Graph Meta Tags" is one of the most important tags that every blogger need to add into the HTML body of their blog to properly show title, description, images whenever the page from the website is shared on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and so on. Open Graph Protocol
Webmasters used to search; What is an open graph tag? What is a twitter card? Any open graph examples? What is an open graph on Facebook? How to enable Facebook's Open Graph meta tags? What is a tag in social media? How Facebook's open graph protocol and Twitter cards help to improve SEO? How open graph markup can optimize social media experiences?

It is a must need for the blogger to correctly present your blog's Title, images, and description in social marketing sites. Open graphs meta tags (og tags) help to integrate your blog with social networking websites by providing them your page details to make rich graph objects with the related functionality. The open graph protocol is created to promote, speed up and improve the SEO and social media sharing via local tools given by Google, Facebook, W3C, and Twitter.

To convert your pages into graph objects, you required adding related open graph metadata to either each of your pages of HTML body. There are various open graph types i.e. social meta tags (facebook and twitter meta tag) for different social sites you need to add on your blog HTML, which will provide separate content to the respective site. This "Open graph meta tags" makes you run successful social marketing that allows you to manage what information displayed on social sites when any of your pages is shared. The content marketing remains the most powerful method to get links to boost your SEO efforts.

To work open graph tags for you, you need to add these meta tag markup manually into the HTML code of your blog. For adding Open Graph tags to your WordPress blog programmatically you can check the "Facebook Revised Open Graph Meta Tag" plugin. Here I'm going to share the most common methods to add the open graph meta tags you required to your website along with a short explanation of each. If you want to see the digital marketing growth you need to optimize the Open Graph tags that'll enable you to make it happen a rise in social sharing and improved conversion rate. Read more »

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