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VU TV Review: Know Before Buying VU ANDROID 4K TV | Customer Reviews | Dont Buy

This VU brand seems to be growing quick in the Indian tv market, delivering Television Entertainment to several customers with attractive/affordable pricing. There are many good reviews available on online shopping websites like Flipkart, Amazon was written by the consumers who have purchased it. VU Review
People used to ask; is VU TV good to buy? Which is the best VU TV? Is VU Smart TV good? Is Android TV a VU? And so on...

But on the other hand, there are lots of poor, bad reviews and serious complaints listed as well. Few are about making the delay in the installation or getting bad support in resolving the product issues. I have seen these kinds of issues which stop many people from purchasing the brand like VU tv. Rightly so I believe too.

After all its all about the money and the performance. Everyone should be so serious as because you are paying a high amount of money and so expecting to give sufficient performance.

Check out why you should think twice before buying VU TV or why you may ignore such a brand while purchasing your new TV. Read more »

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