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7 Of The Best Military Watches You Can Buy

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With military watches, there’s truly no definition for it. The term military watch was first used in reference to the timepieces which were worn from the Great War. On the olden days, men were supposed to have stopwatches on their pockets, as wristwatches were deemed feminine. However, with the war requiring both a military’s hands on deck, soldiers started to put their pocket watches on their hands. Thus, it started the revolution. 

So you’re looking for a military watch? Well, you’re in luck because with the industry so saturated nowadays, it can be tough to sift through the choices. And make no mistake, there are tons of great military and military-inspired watches out there. We’ve narrowed down your choices to seven of the best military watches. 

1. Panerai Radiomir 

Italian watchmaker Panerai served the Italian Royal Navy for quite some time from 1938- 1972. To create a watch that’s legible anywhere and in any lighting condition, the company created a proprietary way of mixing paint in the dial to increase legibility in dimly-lit environments. The radium paint needed to be more luminescent in the dark, so the company made some changes that are first noticed in the Radiomir models. 

Today, a Panerai Radiomir is a true blue military watch, with a bold and iconic watch face. The big dial, as well as the stainless steel case, coupled with the best of handmade Italian leather as strap, makes for a handsome watch to wear on the wrist. The movement inside is a self-winding mechanical movement. With the right care, this watch could last you a lifetime. 

2. Casio G-Shock GWG-1000GB-1A 

What’s great about the G-Shock line from Casio is that it’s constantly rated as one of the toughest, most technologically-advanced watches you can buy today. Shock-resistant, water- resistant, and in select models - both analog and digital interfaces, this is the military watch you need to check out if you like the rugged side of things. 

3. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 

Blancpain may have been a non-present entity in the industry for quite some time after the quartz revolution, but today, it’s one of the pillars of true Swiss watchmaking technology. The first Fifty Fathoms models were commissioned from the company to be worn by the French Navy. 

Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms, in its latest iteration, maybe one of the best military diver’s watches in the world. You get a caliber automatic chronograph when you choose the Bathyscape, with top of the line materials like sapphire crystal, sail canvas strap, and a ceramic case. This is a modern watch through and through, and you can easily dress it up depending on the occasion. 

4. Omega Seamaster 300 

Ah, the iconic Seamaster. Arguably one of the best diver’s watches in the world at its conception as well as today, the Seamaster was famously used by one of the elite Special Boat Squadron members. Today, however, the Seamaster 300 is a watch that can fetch tens of thousands of dollars, depending on its model. 

5. Tudor Snowflake Sub 

Tudor’s Snowflake Sub has been in the wrists of several fleets of navies worldwide in the Great War. The French Navy, in particular, were recorded to request a special edition of the watch to outfit some of their top-tier officials. Unfortunately, Tudor stopped producing the Snowflake Submariner for quite some time, but you can still get one brand new in several watch repositories. You just need to look hard enough to find these military watches. 

6. Bell And Ross WW1-92 Military Watch 

The quintessential-looking military watch, Bell and Ross WW1-92 is the latest iteration of the pilot watches of the 1920s. Anyone can see the traditional military aviator touches that this watch has, playing off the Flieger aesthetic so well. Similar to the Snowflake from Tudor, the company doesn’t produce this watch anymore, but you can scour the Internet for these second-hand military watches. 

7. Timex Expedition Shock XL Watch 

A modern military watch, to say the least, the Timex Expedition Shock XL has all the bells and whistles of a military watch. The digital interface, with all black with green aesthetic plays to the stylistic choices which were popular in the war-torn days. The quartz movement plus the 200m water resistance tops the deal sweetly for this top military watch. 

Make Yours A Military Watch 

Military-design watches will forever be part of the watchmaking industry. Nowadays though, there are few of these made for the actual military. But the design, legibility, as well as features stay the same or upgraded. If you’re looking for true blue top military watches, then look no further than the recommendations above. Happy watch shopping!

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