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Best Targeting Strategies For Google Ads

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With so many online businesses getting used to Google Ads, there is a constant need to experiment and come up with new strategies. The need arises due to the goals of staying relevant and as high on the first page as possible. 

Today, there is a constant need to experiment with your ad strategies and try out new things because there are regularly new businesses appearing. Therefore there are unique and more original strategies continuously built on the latest trends. 

A proper audience targeting is one of the key aspects of creating a successful pay-per-click marketing campaign. You can use the help of Cleverecommerce to optimize audience targeting with Google AdWords faster. And if you want to delve even deeper, we have even more tips for building the best audience targeting strategy on Google Ads. 

Search Audiences 

Search ads seem to be the ones that are used and discussed most often, so we’ll start with them. It’s a pretty common practice to track the best performing keywords and ads and bid on them more. But now, with possibilities to target and weight your bids according to location, device type, and time, we can do much more. 

Depending on specific criteria, you can set Google to bid on it three or even ten times more than you usually spend or radically reduce your bids. To decide what to do, you need to ask yourself a few questions. 

First of all, you need to determine if the location has any impact on the conversion you want to happen. Secondly, if someone makes a purchase using their mobile phone - is it likely to earn you more revenue? And lastly, you need to think if it’s necessary to spend the same amount of your budget in the evening or night as it is worth in the daytime. 

Display Audiences 

Have you ever wondered about the fact that you and all other businesses spend more money on Google Ads than people actually use Google Search? What we mean is that people spend more time reading blogs, articles watching YouTube videos, and so on. So here you need to start thinking out of the box. By using the Google Ads Pay Per Click method, you can use Google Display Network to actually appear on these websites that people spend most of their time visiting. 

For example, you can choose the Google Placements tool that will allow you to choose websites or even specific pages on those websites that your ads will be shown in. Or you could try Demographic bidding that will let you bid more on the areas your keywords and ads perform best in. 

In-Market Audiences 

With the newest development, now Google can recognize when a specific person is in demand for a certain product or service. This gives many benefits and shortens the conversion funnel. Just imagine how effective is an ad that already knows what a potential customer needs - well, now it is possible. 

In-market audiences are tracking clicks on ads that are somehow related to the ones you have created, also taking into account the websites a person visits and conversion that he performs. So with in-market audiences, it is very easy for you to track possible customers who might be interested in buying your product or service at this particular moment. 

For example, if a person doesn’t usually browse for real estate objects daily but recently he has decided to buy a house, Google will notice the sudden change in user behavior and strat showing the person more ads about houses that are for sale at the moment. 

Affinity Audiences

Affinity Audiences is one of the most advanced audience targeting options on Google Ads. When your potential customers are interested in websites, applications, videos, and YouTube content, user behavior data is collected. 

After gathering all this information user data, Google creates profiles for your potential customers based on what they like and what their lifestyle is. Depending on this factor, Google chooses which advertisement to show to these people to make the most effective appearance. 

All people have certain user behavior tendencies that let Google divide into different groups and take businesses the advantage of showing more relevant advertising to these audiences, therefore, creating a better chance of conversion rate increase.

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