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Careers In Law - Are You Cut Out For The Courtroom?

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As a child, deciding what you want to be when you grow up is about as fun a game as you can play. Especially because, thanks in no small part to your limited experiences with the outside world, the only jobs you can be sure that actually exist are the jobs you’ve seen in films. This means that you’re either going to grow up to be an astronaut, a sheriff, or a dinosaur (other Toy Story characters are available). Then you get a little older and the prospect of becoming a dinosaur means you’re going to have to dress up as one in an amusement park for probably minimum wage, and astronauts and sheriffs just don’t have many training camps near where you live. It’s time to get serious. Labouring on a factory production line is honest work, but it’s no-one’s first choice of how to spend 40 hours a week. Perhaps a career in the legal arena would suit you? Office hours. Great clothes. Excellent pay. Job security. Big house. Nice car. Working for an established company (for example, see Sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look at what you need to succeed in the house that the law built. 

Mumble Mumble Mumble 

Communication is a gift. If you’re the kind of person who spends their life in the kitchen at parties introducing people to each other and trying to assist people in finding things in common to get their conversations going, you know that the world is filled with unconfident mumblers. Bear in mind that there’s no room for the unsure in law. You must be able to enunciate, in a tone and at a volume befitting circumstances and the room. You must be able to negotiate. You must be able to make your clients feel welcome and your enemies feel pressured. If you’re simply typing “interpersonal skills” on your resume/CV without really meaning it, this is a job that will find you out. 

Details. Research. Evidence. Analysis. Fine Print. 

An eye for detail isn’t something that most people are born with. If it were, we’d all be detectives. But we’re not. Having the guts to act on your instincts and having the determination to research and analyse the fine print until you uncover that nugget of knowledge you were looking for is a trait in the legal industry that isn’t a given in all people. If this sounds like you, give law your best try. If it doesn’t, you need not apply.

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