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How to Book a Celebrity During COVID-19 and Save Money Doing It

how to book a celebrity for event appearance during covid-19 save money

You know how some publications like Us Weekly joke about how celebrities are "just like us"? Well, throughout the coronavirus pandemic, most of them really have been just like us.

Like us, celebs have been trapped in their houses trying to find things to do to defeat boredom. As a result, a lot of them have been more open to making virtual appearances during events they might not have agreed to do in the past.

You might want to think about trying to book a celebrity for an event that you're trying to throw together. Whether you're hosting a digital town hall meeting for those who work for your company or a digital birthday party for a family member, you can spice things up by booking celebrities online.

Here is how to go about booking a celebrity and save money doing it.

Figure Out Which Event You Want to Book a Celebrity For

Before you begin trying to book a celebrity, you should figure out which event you're going to book them for. You want to make it an event that's going to allow you to get your money's worth.

For example, booking a celebrity for your weekly Tuesday morning roundtable meeting with your employees probably won't be a good use of a celebrity's time. It also won't get you much bang for your buck.

But booking a celebrity for your Friday afternoon virtual happy hour? That would be a much better idea since more people will be in attendance and wowed by the sudden appearance of a celebrity.

It would also be a much better idea since a celebrity is going to feel more comfortable in this type of setting. They'll be a lot looser, which will make for a better booking on your part.

Kick around some different ideas as far as which event you want a celebrity to attend. This will go a long way when it comes to making the event a total success.

Think About Which Celebrity Would Be Best for the Event

Once you know which event you want to book a celebrity for, you can start to brainstorm which celebrities might be a good fit for your event. As you'll quickly discover, there are so many celebs out there willing to make online appearances at events right now because of COVID-19.

You might not be able to land an A+++ celebrity like, say, Rihanna or Michelle Obama for your event. But at the same time, who the heck knows?! Both Rihanna and Michelle Obama have popped up at online events during the pandemic, so it couldn't hurt to ask, right?

At any rate, you should weigh all your celebrity options and try to find the one that would be a great fit for your specific event. It'll ensure that you get a great reaction from those in attendance.

Look for a Company That Can Lend a Hand With Booking a Celebrity

If you've never booked a celebrity for an event before, you might not know how to go about doing it. 

It's not quite as easy as just visiting their website and saying, "Hey, I want to hire you for my event!"

Instead, you typically need to touch base with a company that specializes in booking celebrities online. These companies often have a long list of celebrities that they can help you book for an event.

These companies will also usually jump through hoops to try and book celebrities who might not be on their list of clients. They have relationships within the entertainment industry that they can use to track down almost anyone you want.

There is, of course, a price to pay for these celebrities, especially if you want to book them for something like a celebrity product endorsement. But as long as you have a budget to work with, most celebs will entertain the idea of showing up for an event that you're hosting.

Consider the Cost of Booking a Celebrity

After you're able to find a company that can connect you with the celebrity that you want to book, you should ask them how much it'll cost for the celeb to come to your event. In fact, you might want to ask them the costs associated with inviting a few different celebs to your event, just to see which ones are the most affordable.

You're obviously going to pay a lot less for a random internet celebrity with a big Instagram following than the aforementioned Rihanna or Michelle Obama. It's your job to figure out how much you can afford to pay a celebrity to appear at your event and to avoid breaking the bank to book them.

Find Easy Ways to Cut Down on the Cost of Booking Famous People Online

If you look into hiring a few different celebrities to attend an event and find that they're all very expensive, you might be worried that booking one isn't going to be in the cards for you. But it's worth noting that you can cut down on the cost of booking a celebrity if you're willing to work at it a little bit.

How can you do this? For starters, you might want to try cutting down on the amount of time that you book a celebrity for. If a celeb only needs to come to your event for 2 minutes as opposed to an hour, it'll lower your costs while still allowing you to say, "They came to our event!"

You might also want to think about structuring your event around the time that is best for the celebrity. If you give them the option of choosing when the virtual event will be held, they might be more open to keeping their asking price on the lower side.

Don't give up on the idea of booking a celebrity without trying different things to lower the price. By going back and forth with a celebrity and their booking company, you can usually come to an agreement on price before long.

Search for the Best Way to Connect With a Celebrity

On the day of your event, there is going to be a palpable excitement surrounding it thanks to a celebrity's anticipated appearance. Everyone is going to be looking forward to seeing the celeb and hearing what they have to say.

The last thing you want is for the celebrity's appearance to get ruined because of a bad internet connection. It's why you should figure out how you're going to connect with the celeb and test out your connection a few times to ensure everything goes according to plan.

The cost of booking a celebrity is going to be all for naught if their appearance is overshadowed by a shoddy connection. Work with the celeb's team to make sure that their appearance goes off without a hitch.

Sit Back and Enjoy the Experience of Attending a Celebrity Event

It's safe to say that the U.S. has an obsession with celebrities right now. People love learning everything that they can about their favorite celebs.

They also love the idea of meeting famous people and leveraging relationships with them. It's why it'll be so much fun to book a celebrity and have them at an event that you're throwing together.

You won't have any trouble convincing people to come to an event when they know a celeb is going to be there. You also won't have any trouble getting them to stick around at the event, at least as long as the celebrity is there.

See how this works by bringing a celebrity on board for your next event. You'll be passing up on a huge opportunity if you don't take advantage of COVID-19 by booking a celebrity to make a virtual appearance.

Use COVID-19 as the Perfect Excuse to Book a Celebrity for an Event

At some point in the not-too-distant future, the hope is that people will be able to start booking celebrities for in-person events again. Everyone is looking forward to getting things back to normal.

But for now, it's safest for people and companies to continue to hold virtual events whenever possible. It's probably going to be this way for at least a few more weeks, if not longer.

That doesn't mean that your virtual event can't be a huge hit among those in attendance, though. You can take a virtual event to the next level by taking the time to book a celebrity for it.

Use the tips found here to find a celebrity for your next event. You can do it without spending a small fortune if you go about it in the right way. It'll make your event so much more memorable than it would be otherwise when everything is all said and done.

Want to discover some more ways to make any event successful with celebrities? Check out the informative articles on our blog to learn about the things you can do to bring your next event to life.

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