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What Is Cloud Infrastructure? A Simple Guide

what is cloud infrastructure cloud computing

You want to move your business to cloud computing, but you get bogged down in terms like IaaS, PaaS, network resources, data storage, and cloud infrastructure. What is cloud infrastructure, and what do you need to get your business on the cloud?

What Is Cloud Infrastructure?

Cloud infrastructure is a term describing the components needed for cloud computing, including the hardware, software, abstract resources, storage, and network resources.

Cloud computing allows you to access your data from anywhere. Services such as print leasing Melbourne help you store documents and data in the cloud, while providing printers and hardware that connect with the cloud instead of needing physical cables connecting one device to another.

With cloud computing, you don't need to invest in your own hardware. This can be an advantage for accounting, because instead of making up-front capital investments to purchase and maintain your own servers, data centers, and networks, you pay monthly licensing fees.

Types of Cloud Computing Services

Whether you need to provide your own cloud computing hardware depends on what kind of cloud computing you want to do. There are three types of cloud computing.


Software as a service, or SaaS, allows you to access online software such as Microsoft 365, Gmail, or Quickbooks online. This is also how most webmasters host websites. Using software as a service allows you to pay for the amount of online storage you need instead of upgrading your hardware, and it allows coworkers to access the data.


Platform as a service, or PaaS, allows you to use virtual machines online for their computing power. You use your applications and data, but the virtual machines are all managed by the cloud vendor.


Infrastructure as a service, or IaaS, lets you use the virtual machines and infrastructure of a cloud vendor, but your company uses its own operating systems and software.

Ways to Use Cloud Resources

Cloud infrastructure can be public, private, or an in-between hybrid.


With a public cloud system, the service is entirely online. A user merely has to access the system with the proper login information. A company using a public cloud system pays only for the services and storage that they need, and can scale up or down easily.


With private cloud architecture, the cloud computing is done on a private system with dedicated virtual machines. This is useful for large companies with the resources to invest in hardware, and is more secure because the system is behind a firewall, which safeguards against hacking attempts. It's mostly used by mid-sized to large companies or government offices, and it's a good way to manage proprietary information such as research or financial information.


A hybrid system combines the accessibility of a public system with the security features of a private system. Called the best of both worlds, it allows the company to work on a private cloud, but access the resources of the public cloud when demand scales up.

Using the Cloud

Whether you need to use cloud infrastructure, cloud platforms, or just an online software program, cloud computing will help you manage your business more effectively. You'll be able to save money by paying only for what you use, you'll have your data backed up, you'll be able to access it from anywhere, and the world's best companies will help keep your data secure. Let cloud computing and cloud infrastructure help you take care of your business.

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