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how to get verified facebook page with blue tick mark in 2019

Have you seen a lot of people that got a little check next to their profile and Facebook page. And wonder how they get it and how you can get it buy you never know today i will show you how to get that little blue check mark next to your profile name or Facebook page name.

Why You need To get Verified ?

Well most of you thing that why you need to verified Facebook page or profile what is the benefits. Well actually i think there are some benefits of it. 
  • If you are business manager and create a Facebook page for your business you will surely want that more people visits your page and know about your business. And Facebook page verification will make it easy for you by rank your Facebook page higher in Facebook search as well as in google.
  • When you get blue tick mark or grey tick you will proud yourself because most people want it and you already got it.
  • Grey tick mark page mean that the address is real for that business or place.

Types Of verified tick mark 

Well you read the above paragraph some of you will have question that how many type of badge is there to get . Then let me tell you there are only two type of badge one is grey tick mark which is for local business and other is blue tick mark badge which is for those Facebook page and profile which is authentic and you have proof for that and the page or profile need to be quite popular in order to get verified.

Can Any One Get verified On Facebook ?

So i know you will ask that question that can anyone get verified on Facebook so the answer is Yes For Theoretically and in practice Sort of.
If you want to get grey tick mark then you have to provide real address of your business place in Facebook page also you have to register your business at google my business and verified your business through mail. If you already did it than you will get your grey tick mark by follow the below steps.
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Getting gray tick mark is really easy but getting blue tick mark for your Facebook page and profile is more difficult than it. The main reason of these difficulties is that that form through which we request to get verified is not work in all countries only work on USA account that is at least 1 Month old. But don,t i figure it out that how to grey verified in Any Country If you are not from USA then this will help u.

How to Get grey tick mark for your business

Well after registration of your business at google my business you have to made a Facebook page that will get verified. You thing that what is the actual procedure. The procedure is quite simple and easy for grey tick mark. 

  • Create a page if not already have.
  • Change it category to local business if not already.
  • Then go to setting > General
  • There will option "Page Verification " click that
  • Then click verify this page .
  • Enter you number real business number that is listed on google my business.
  • You will get code on that number enter it and Dada you are verified.
  • If you have not listed any number or you don,t have then click verify this page with document instead .
  • And upload your business certificate electric bill document that belong to your business.
Note: if page verification option is not visible in page general setting then don,t worry i will show you how to visible it. ( this steps is for user out Of USA)
  • Make sure to change category to local Business 
  • Download any VPN and select USA Proxy or directly use USA proxy to create new account on that proxy and create page or make this new id admin.
  • Then wait 48 hours and you will see it appear. Whenever you open the new id make sure that you use USA Proxy.
  • Then do the above procedure again.

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How to get blue check mark

Well as i say that this is difficult and i tell you the reason but if you follow all my steps carefully then you will get verified .first if you are from USA then skip the Procedure A and follow procedure B . If you are from India Sweden Pakistan Bangladesh Australasia what ever country other than USA Then follow Procedure A as well as Procedure B
(updates : form work without asia countries now. so no need to create usa id
Procedure A
Create A Facebook account with USA Proxy And select any city like network  in live and from full all about section select school university all of USA . use it for at least 1 to 3 month remember don,t open the id with out any proxy or it will not work.

Use same proxy when you use it at least 30 days then try to check the this form or this form i will be accessible.
Procedure B
Click the form  and page will open that will look like the below Image.
Get blue check mark facebook india pakistan
Click Select page and select your page you want to verify .
If you verify page with public figure or on your name or govt official or represent business then click choose file and upload real authentic photo of passport certification business document etc.
Make a website if not already have and provide a link in the last box.
Link you page and website by putting like box button on your website.

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