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The Perfect Presentation: 5 Powerful Powerpoint Design Tips

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Are you trying to avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’?

We all use PowerPoint for our presentations, but there’s nothing worse than a boring, overcrowded, or unattractive slide show that leaves the audience scratching their heads in confusion.

But, if you know what works best in PowerPoint design, you can create a seriously cool presentation. Read on to learn what works best for Powerpoint design—and what not to do.

1. Limit Your Color Palette

For your PowerPoint presentation, you really want your slides to stand out and be easy to read. In your design, limit your color palette to avoid overcomplicating things.

Instead, use contrasting colors, like black and white or yellow and navy. Whatever you select, stick with it throughout the slide show. This will add consistency and won’t distract your audience.

2. Choose the Right Font

There’s nothing worse than a slideshow where you can’t even read the screen due to a strange font choice or font that’s too small.

Play around with what suits your brand. Some popular fonts for presentations include Arial, Helvetica, and Times New Roman.

Make sure that the text is not too close in color to the background, or it won’t show up well on a screen.

3. Customize Your Slides

Ditch the template! Everyone knows the standard old PowerPoint templates as they’ve been around for decades now and they are looking tired.

Instead, create a custom slide template that suits your message, style, and brand. You may want to include your logo, brand colors, or a bold, unique look.

If you need help creating the perfect design, look for PowerPoint design services to help out.

4. Embed Multimedia Files

Have you ever watched a presentation awkwardly stop because the presenter went to YouTube or opened a USB drive to show the audience a video or image? Don’t be that guy.

Instead, if you want to show a video as part of your talk, download the clip then embed the video into the actual slides. It’s easy to do via PowerPoint’s Insert dropdown menu, and it means the video will play even if you’re not connected to the internet.

It will also save you time while presenting and will eliminate any technical difficulties.

5. Go Easy on the Text

Your slides are there as a reference for the audience. But, their attention should mainly be focused on you, not on reading your slides.

To help with this, limit the amount of text you use per slide to no more than a few lines. You don’t even need to use bullet points—just include one or a few key phrases or quotes.

It will also help your audience stay focused on you if you’re a confident public speaker, so practice your presentation in advance if you’re nervous.

Create a Killer PowerPoint Design for Your Next Meeting

Now that you know what works and what doesn’t in PowerPoint design, create an epic presentation that will wow your audience for your next event.

If used well, PowerPoint design can help the audience understand your message, display key images or graphics, and impress with stylish design. Get started today!

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